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05/06/2019   Carenza Lewis tells us about being an archaeologist and about the Black Death!

Wow! What a fabulous assembly we had today - led by Professor Carenza Lewis (Lincoln Uni Lecturer and ex-TV presenter from Time Team). She came to tell us all about the job of an archaeologist. We then learnt about how archaeology can tell us about how people lived, where they lived and what impact things like 'the Black Death' (the plague) can have on communities.

We used playing cards to be able to visualise how the Black Death would have affected a community.

After the presentation, several children had really good questions to ask Carenza. There were so many, that she had to take some away with her to answer! Charlie (one of our Journalists) also spent time in Mrs Shaw's office, asking some really good questions, for his latest Sheepwash article. [As you can see from the photo, Daisy enjoyed the conversation too!]

Huge thanks to Carenza for spending time out of your very busy day, to come and spend nearly two hours with us....the children really enjoyed working with you....and I htink you may have inspired some archaeologists of the future! [My humblest apologies to all BJA parents if your children now start digging holes in your garden, to find ancient pottery pieces!]


Carenza Visit 1


 Charlie and Carenza