Blue Jelly Studios

Hello and welcome to the 'Blue Jelly Studios' page.

Blue Jelly Studios has developed over the  years, and our aim is to give our pupils the opportunity to explore their story-telling ideas through film and animation. 

We aim to put together some films each year, mainly through the Film-Making Club but often to record events or interesting projects that pupils have been involved in.

Many of these short films used to be entered for the Lincolnshire LAFTAS, a county-wide competition which held a classy prize-giving ceremony each October at the the Engine Shed, Lincoln University. In 2014 we were selected for 'The Dambusters', recording a visit to the famous Dambusters pub in Scampton, and 'Head', made by our teachers and recording the strange changes occurring following the bizarre beheading of Mrs Shaw! In 2015, we succeeded in getting all 4 of our entries into the LAFTAS finals.  We had a brilliant evening - bringing 18 pupils and 6 members of staff - and picked up a stunning glass trophy for our 'Foreign Language' entry.  As this lwas the last CfBT ceremony, it was an honour to attend. Sadly, the LAFTAS no longer take place, which is a shame, as it was a fantastic event enjoyed by many Lincolnshire schools.

However, we continue to make films, so if you wish to enjoy them, they are on Youtube, under 'Blue Jelly Studios' so please watch them and leave your comments.

You can click on the following links to see our films:

"Back to the playground"

"Dave's Big Adventure"

"As a Child..."

"The Great War"

"Show Respect"

"Tank Girl"

"A day at the beach"