Learning is the core purpose of our Academy. it applies to:

* Curricular learning - resulting in increases in knowledge, skill and understanding of different subjects

* Learning as a skill - learning how to learn (metacognition)

* Emotional learning - learning about oneself and others

* Citizenship learning - learning about ourselves as participants in a modern British Society and preparing ourselves for our role as global citizens

* Learning to be part of a team - supporting others, learning tactics, learning how to be resilient, learning how to play differnet roles in a team

Reflective learning - learning how lifestyle choices contribute to physical and mental wellbeing in and beyond school

The purpose of work undertaken by Branston Junior Aacdemy, is to enable the children to achieve their full potential as learners and as individuals. This is achieved through the educational activities that are planned and organised, and the opportunities that are provided to encourage children's personal development. Children are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their behaviour and learning, to make judgements and use their initiative.

It is for the above reasons, that we use 5 key values to underpin everything we do at Branston Juniors - Respect, Resilience, Reflection, Relationships and Responsibility. You can find out more information about this, on the webpage entitled 'Behaviour'.

The Academy has an ‘open-door’ policy as parents and members of the community are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life such as helping in the classrooms, accompanying school outings, attending sports and social events.

During the coming year, there will be 6 main classes in the school. These will be arranged as followed:

  •  3 parallel Year 3/4 classes
  •  3 parallel Year 5/6 classes