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Welcome back - it is so nice to have the children back in school. This term we are delving the depths of our oceans. We have completed some descriptive work in English and studied how to use water colour effectively in Art.

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Perfect Printing

Having worked really hard over the term on using watercolours, we have finished this term by using different printing skills. Year 5's had to create a string image before creating a textured background. They then had to coat only the string beofre printing their sea creature images.

Year 6's had to carve their design of koi carp into a piece polystyrene before choosing the colours to print. They used printing inks an drollers to create their beautiful designs.

Wonderful Watercolours

We began by looking at colour mixing and looking at cool and warm colours.


Page 1 - showing articles 1 to 2 of 2

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