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This term we have been delving into the world of Eco-Warriors. We are looking at different types of pollution across our own environment and the wider world. We are looking at the effects our actions are having on the planet, on eco-systems and the wildlife. 

As the bushfires were so relevant, we have researched them and written our own newspaper articles on them. We have looked at a range of world issues and ordered them from most important to us to least important and justified our views. We have also used a short animation to create some amazing stories and watercolour artwork from. 

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Pollution Problems

One of the first activities, the children ahd to work in groups to discuss the main pollution issues our world is facing and decide on the importance of each one. 


We also created some posters on how we can help the problems we have with plastic in our oceans.

Australian Bush fire news paper articles

The children completed research into the bushfires in Australia and then created their own newspaper articles using the skills they had looked in in English.

A Whale's Tale

Here is a selection of our stories and watercolour artwork form our English short story.



To draw our Ancient Egypt topic to a close, the children have been completing their D and T project to design a shaduf. Firstly, they had to look at what they were used for and how they worked. Next, they had to work with a partner to come up with a design for their prototype. finally, they got to make their shaduf. Below are some photos of their amazing efforts.

Magnificent Homework

Page 1 - showing articles 1 to 5 of 5

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