Hello and welcome to the Mercury Class page, telling you all about the things that we have been up to and the adventures that we have been on.  Mercury is one of our three parallel Year 3&4 classes, taught by Mr Simpson.

Remember:  Homework needs to be back on Monday and games kit is needed for Monday and Friday.

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New Sports, New Experiences, New Challenges.

As part of our ongoing sports curriculum Mercury Class have had the opportunity to try out some new sports.  Last term we had a go at fencing (en guarde!) and this term we have been learning how to play the game of lacrosse, led by the skilled sports professionals from MSP.  This is going to lead into an inter-house lacrosse competition with the resulting points going towards the house cup at the end of term.

Stunning Eco-Warriors Homework

We had a real day of celebration when Mercury Class brought in their outstanding long-term homework.  The presentations were entertaining and informative, with some innovative use of greenscreen and powerpoint.  Thanks to all the adults who organised, enabled and supported the children with their creations.  See it on display outside the classroom.

The Daily Run!

This term we have been running on the playground and working hard to increase our fitness and stamina.  As the weather improves we are keen to go onto the big field.

Daily Run

Autumn 2019 'Work Like An Egyptian!'

Welcome to our Class Page for Mercury Class.

This term we have been learning about the geography and history of Ancient Egypt, studying how the position of the mighty River Nile meant that crops could be grown along its banks as well as providing food and transport for this huge country.  We have looked at the story of Isis and Osiris, and how the terrible Seth took power but was eventually brought down by brave Horus.  We have used the story as the basis for our shadow puppet plays, linking to our Science work on Light.

In Art we have had great fun using coil methods to create mini sarcophaguses, which we decorated with ornate carvings fit for a pharaoh. Have a look at our fab photos.

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