Welcome to Class Jupiter.

We are a year 5/6 class and our class is taught by Miss Perkins. We would love you to have a look at our website and explore what we have been learning and getting up to.

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Eco Warriors Topic Homework- Check out our incredible work.

Eco poem

We have been working on performance poetry. We watched a video from Michael Rosen, with hints and tips about how to effectively perform a poem. We then annotated a poem we were given and practiced, before performing it infront of a group- who then gave us feedback on our performance. Have a look at some of our performances on YouTube:




Eco Warriors begins!

We have just started our new topic of Eco Warriors- today we debated the importance of a range of environmental issues from habitat destruction to air pollution- we then had to put them in order of priority.

Topic Homework

We have been busy sharing our topic homework today. We had: some incredible masks, a range fo 3D pyramids, delicious cakes and biscuits, clay and paper mache canopic jars, Ancient Egyptian menus, hieroglyphic work, powerpoints, fact sheets, poems and so much more. 


Check out the video Joe made of his minecraft pyramid. Click here. 

Have a look at some photographs of our brilliant homework: 

Getting Messy!

We have been busy in art making clay cartouches. We used the skills Mrs Hennegan taught us to create our cartouche.

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