Welcome to Class Jupiter.

We are a year 5/6 class and our class is taught by Miss Perkins. We would love you to have a look at our website and explore what we have been learning and getting up to.

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Amazing Descriptions

Over the past two weeks we have been working on developing descriptive techniques and then applied what we learnt to writing a description based on the clip below. 


Applying our first aid work

Following our first aid training, we put our skills to the test. We were given different emergency scenarios, we then worked in a group to decide what we would do in each situation. 


Today we have learnt first aid using the Heartstart programme. 

We have learnt how to deal with the following first aid issues: 

Unconcious and breathing 

Unconcious not breathing 

Heart attack 



Understanding a healthy heart

We have been learning about ways to keep our heart healthy. We discussed as a class the things we thought were important and then debated what order we thought they should be in. 

Understanding thematic maps

Today we have been learning what a thematic map is and how we interpret them. We interpret a range of thematic maps and then created our own based on water quality across Europe. Have a look at our work: 

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