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This term we have started our new topic Eco-Warriors. In ths topic we will be looking at how pollution is effecting our planet and what we can do to help pevent this.  



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09/06/2020 - Mrs James / Mrs Simpson - Maths Set


Yesterday was all about classifying angles. Today we will be ordering them according  to their size.

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During some of our Science and Enlgish lessons this term we have used what we have learnt so far about plants, along with other additional research we have carried out to create a booklet all about plants. We really enjoyed making these, have a look!


We have also carried out a plant experiment, investigating what plants need to grow. We also attempted the celery experiment but unfortunately it didn't work and we didn't get the results we wanted. We discussed why this may not have worked. 

Australian Newspaper Reports

We have recently carried some research on the Australian bushfires and used this research to write a newspaper article. 



Children in Mars class have put in a lot of effort and worked really hard at home to create Topic homework based around our Topic 'Eco-Warriors'. Here are some examples. 

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