Governors play a very important role in the life and work of children's education. The Governing Body of this Academy is fully involved and committed to supporting and helping the staff develop the Academy through Governors' meetings, monitoring pupil standards and achievements, scrutiny of policies and regular classroom visits. Minutes of meetings are available, on request from the Headteacher.


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 Governing Body members

 Mrs Abigail Rogers: Clerk to the Governing Body.



Term commenced/Ends

Declaration of Interest

Meeting Attended Since September 20118

Mr Rick Openshaw





1st Term: 01.09.2014

2nd Term:01.09.2018

(Elected Chair 10.09.20)

(term ends 31.09.22)




Attended 16 out of 17 meetings

Mr Mike Pursey

Vice Chair

Appointed Governor


1st Term 06.07.16

2nd Term: 06.07.20

(Elected Vice Chair 20.09.17)

(term ends 05.07.24)




Attended 13 out of 17 meetings

Miss Ann Kisby

Staff Governor



1st Term: 01.08.12

2nd Term: 01.08.16

3rd Term: 01.08.20

(term ends 31.07.24)




Attended 15 out of 17 meetings

Dr Joss Winn


1st Term 14.12.16

 2nd Term: 14.12.20

 (term ends         13.12.2024) 


Married to a member of the teaching staff


Attended 14 out of 17 meetings 

Miss Louise Perkins

Staff Governor

(Deputy Head Teacher)


Ist Term 01.09.12

2nd Term 01.09.16

3rd Term 01.09.20

(term ends 31.08.24)


Attended 14 out of 17 meetings 

Mrs Rachael Shaw

Head Teacher





Attended 17 out of 17


Mrs Charlotte Gray



1st Term: 09.05.18

(term ends 08.05.22)




Attended15 out of 17 meetings

Mrs Lianne Cook

Parent Governor


(term ends 08.05.22)




Attended 10 out of 17 meetings

Mrs Andrea Bayes Green

Link Governor



(term ends14.01.23)



Attended 9 out of 15 meetings

Mrs Katie Brown



Appointed Governor 


(term ends 14.01.24)



Attended 8 out of 10 meetings 


Mrs Laura Brown


Parent Governor


(term ends 14.01.24)



Attended 7 out of 10 meetings


Mrs Velda Houlden


Non Teaching Staff Governor


(term ends 06.07.25)


Attended 1 out of 1 meeting




Term Ended

Declaration of Interest

Mr Simon Hewkin

Appointed Governor




Mr Lee Street

Parent Governor




Mrs Amelia Bailey


Parent Governor



Mrs Jan Whitehouse

Non Teaching Staff Governor