Branston Buddies - Fundraising

We try to organise exciting and fun-packed activities every year, to raise funds for the Academy. All of the proceeds are used in ways which have a direct and immediate impact on the children and their education. In the past, fundraising money has been used to pay for:

  • coach costs for school visits
  • special visitors to school
  • new playground equipment for break and lunch times
  • digital camers and iPads
  • prizes for special events

The Academy's fundraising invovles parent volunteers known as 'Branston Buddies', to help out at some of the events. 

If YOU are able to help out at any of our events and wish to be part of the 'Branston Buddies', please contact the school by either speaking to a member of staff, by phoning us on 01522 880555 or email us at 

We'd love to hear from you!


School Lottery

We are part of the School Lottery: Here you can purchase a ticket, at a cost of £1.00 each. By doing so, you stand the chance of winning money and branston Junior Academy receives at least 40p from every £1.00 ticket sold. 

Simply click on 'buy tickets' and it will ask you for some personal details such as name, email and postal address before registering you and letting you choose how many tickets you would like to buy each week. You can pay by Direct Debit or Debit Card.

Friends and family members can also take part!

Draws take place every Saturday night and you can win cash prizes each week, including a jackpot prize of £25,000!! results are published on the 'Your School Lottery' website, plus winners will be contacted directly by email. Winnings are paid directly into your nominated bank account, of if you wish, can be donated to Branston Junior Academy. 

Good luck!