During our school closure, please visit this page each day for SPaG and Maths lessons. Here your Maths and SPaG set teachers will upload a lesson each day for you to complete in your exercise books (both Maths and SPaG). Don't forget there are more ideas for learning opportunities in the letter that was sent with your pack. 

If you need any academic support please email the address mentioned in the letter you received in your pack. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. 

We are also commited in our support for you in ensuring that your child feels safe online when accessing the internet and using connected technologies during this period of school closure.  To that end, we will publish and forward guidance for parents; this can be found at: BJA E-Safety

This advice and guidance and are likely to be updated so please check back regularly. 

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17/07/20- Miss Perkins- SPaG

Hey Guys, 

Well done you did it!  
Year 6s- I wish you all the luck in year 7- I am so proud of you all!
Year 5s- Have an amazing summer I can't wait to see you all in September. 

I hope you have a fun and relaxing break. 
Click here for your final lesson of home school! 

17/07/20-Miss Perkins- Maths

Hey Everyone, 

We did it!!!! This is your final home school lesson- you should be so proud of yourselves for keeping going. Thank you all for being incredible year 6's- you are all amazing! 

Click here for today's lesson. 

17th July - Miss Kisby - SPaG

Hi guys, for your last task, you are going to travel! If you had a time machine, when would you go? Who would you want to meet? What would you change? Click here for your lesson.

17th July - Miss Kisby - Maths

Hi guys, a final challenge fo you today. Can you escape? Click here for your task.

17th July - Miss Tysoe - Maths


That's it - online learning is done !!

Well done to everyone who has stuck with it, so so proud of you! 

Have an amazing summer, make sure you have some adventures to tell us in September, 
see you then !!


Here is your lesson!

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