This page is designed to help you improve your maths work. It includes some great websites for you to try out, as well as some great examples of maths work and helpful Powerpoints (which have been made by the children.)

If you are looking for extra lesson practice follow this link to Oak Academy: Maths lessons for Key Stage 2 students - Oak National Academy (

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Miss Perkins Handy YouTube Videos: 

Addition: Addition - YouTube

Subtraction: Subtraction - YouTube

Multiplication: Multiplication - YouTube

Division: Division - YouTube

Chunking: Revision chunking - YouTube

Short division: Revision short division - YouTube

Negative numbers: Negative Numbers - YouTube

Numberlines for time problems: Numberlines for time - YouTube

Understanding ratio: Ratio intro - YouTube

Calculating %: Revision % - YouTube

Calculating fractions of amounts: Fractions of amounts - YouTube

Adding fractions: Revise +fractions - YouTube

Subtracting fractions: Revise -fractions - YouTube

Multiply fractions: Revise xfractions - YouTube

Dividing fractions: Revise ÷fractions - YouTube

Ordering and comparing fractions: Ordering and comparing fractions - YouTube

Equivalent fractions, decimals and %: Equivalent fractions decimals and % - YouTube


Written Method Powerpoints (Made by Miss Perkins' maths set)

How to add using a numberline- by Molly and Kaci

How to use a numberline for subtraction- by Chloe and Yasmin

How to use column subtraction- by Matthew and Kristian

How to use grid method- by Hannah and Abigail

How to use chunking- by Charlotte and Stacey

How to use the bus stop/ snow plough method of division- by Steve and

Great examples of written methods


As you can see Amelia has been working hard to use a numberline to support her addition work.

Here is a piece of Melissa's work- she is beginning to use column addition

You can see that Amelia has moved on from using the numberline and is using column to calculate more complex addition sums.  

Above is a great example from Gracie of using a numberline for subtraction

Have a look at this excellent example of column subtraction from Brianna.

Here is Liam's work using grid method multiplication. You can see that he has clearly set out his work and used column addition to complete the sum.

Here Abbi has demonstrated that you can use the grid method to even multiply decimals!


Here is Lorenzo's example of how to use chunking at a basic level to solve division problems

Here is Molly's maths work- she is using chunking to solve division problems which also involve remainders

Above you can see an excellent example from Steven of division (often called snow-plough or bus stop)

 A List of Useful Websites  

Homework Help

Maths Dictionary- Not sure about key maths words- use this maths dictionary to help you.

Maths Bot- Access to great Maths resources 


General Support

Cool Maths Website- a great website with lots of games to play

Fun Brain Website- a wide range of fun games for children to play at home

Maths Games- a great website full of a wide range of maths games

Crickweb- a wide range of maths activities (also other subjects available)

Crickweb KS1- a great range of games to support back to basic maths

BBC KS2 Bitesize- a selection of games and revision pages


Number Support

ICT maths games- a website with back to basic maths games

Topmarks addition and subtraction- a range of games to support the development of addition and subtraction

Topmarks multiplication and division- a range of games to support the development of addition and subtraction

Maths Games Fractions- a range of games to help the development of fraction understanding

Times tables maths games- a website which uses lots of different games to help teach children their timestables


Problem Solving Support

Figure This Website- A great set of problem solving activities to work on at home.

Maths Cat Website- A great range of activities to get involved in- builds on lots of different maths skills

Every School Problem Solving- a wide range of problem solving games and printable activities

Data Handling Support

BBC Bitesize- a range of data handling games and revision activities

BBC Skillwise- a more advanced look at data handling

Every School Data handling- a wide range of interactive activities and printable activities for data handling objectives

Maths frame- a selection of programmes to help produce bar charts and pie charts as well as programmes which can be used as a discussion point for data handling

Measuring Support

Maths Zone- a range of links to some great measuring games

Fun Brain- a basic game to support use of measuring tools

Measurement game- a fantastic game whihc combines length and weight practice

Shape Support

Maths Zone- a wide range of shape games to help children achieve maths objectives

Family Learning- a great selection of games- some quite advanced concepts are covered

Top Marks- a wide range of shape games- including co-ordinates