Connecting Classrooms: Morocco (2019-2020)

We are currently involved in a project with a school in Morocco, called Blaise Pascal. This project is entitled 'Zero Waste'. At Branston Junior Academy, our School Councillors will be doing a lot of work on this project, behalf of our whole school.

What do we want to achieve?

  • We want children to learn to respect their environment (litter etc)
  • We want children to learn about separating rubbish for recycling and ways to re-use rubbish.
  • We want children to learn how to become positive members of their local community.
  • We want children to be involved in at least one activity per academic year.
  • We want children to learn how childnre in other countries of the world, also face similar and different problems.
  • We want children to be able to practise their skills of teamwork/collaboration, communication, core skills (literacy, numeracy, IT), critical thinking and problem solving.
  • We want children to realise that their actions matter - no matter how small their actions are; and that if everyone carried out the same small action, it could make a big difference.

"We may be little people, but little things matter if we want to make a change to our world."


We hope to be carrying out a litter-pickign event in Branston during the Easter holidays.

We will let you all know about it, nearer to the you can come and join in with us - keeping Branston neat and tidy!