World of Work

During each termly topic, we try to invite relevant people in to Branston Juniors, to speak to the children about their job and how the subjects they learnt at Primary School are still being used in their jobs today!

For example:

"Under the Sea": Due to COVID, we were unable to invite anyone into our school, but a very kind parent who works on a gas rig in Israel, got permission to talk to our Year 3 and Year 4 children about his job, via Zoom! it was fantastic! The children had many, many questions for him!

"Chocolate" Topic: We invited in a chocolatier called Mr Hansen. He brought in various pieces of equipment that he uses and told the children all about how chocolate is made. He then set the children a challenge of designing and making their own chocolate bars. When he came back to the school, later that term, he chose some winners and made their designs into proper sized chocolate bars that the children could buy! What a tasty challenge and a great way to raise funds for the school!!!

"Around the World in 80 Days" Topic: We invited a parent in, who works at Thomson Travel Agents. She told the children all about her job and what skills she needs to use each day. She then set the children a challenge of making persuasive front covers for travel brochures! She was very impressed by the winning entries and chose winners per class and then first, second and third overall!

"To Infinity and Beyond" Topic: We skyped with a Scientist in year 5/6 to speak to an Scientist who was working on a project in Colarado, which involved a building a super telescope to look closely at the sun. 

"Branston at War" Topic: We invited a member of the RAF to speak to children, to discuss what their job involved and how they use their skills from Primary school in their job now. They also spoke about how how our school core values are important when working in the forces. 

Dyson Farm: We have been working collaboratively with Dyson Farm to learn about jobs in agriculture. We have visited the farm to explore the crops grown in Lincolnshire, exploring technology involved in farming and how agriculture and the environment go hand in hand. We are also working with them on a planting project. 

"Primary Futures": We invited 20 adults from all different vocations and employments, using the 'Primary Futures' scheme ( whereby adults can register their interest to volunteer to go into Primary Schools to speak to children about their jobs. We held a 'gender stereotyping' event, whereby the children ahd to guess what jobs some of the volunteers did...then the various volunteers spent time in each classroom speaking to the children about their jobs and how the subjects they learnt at Primary School are still being used today.

'Eco Warriors'.  Dr McElroy, a senior lecturer in sustainable chemistry from the University of Lincoln came to Branston Junior Academy to speak to all the children about green and sustainable chemistry.   When the University of Lincoln heard about our topic, they very kindly asked us if we would like to receive some resources from them, linked to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). They sent us comics created by people at York, Lincoln, Birmingham and Teeside Universities entitled ‘Green Kid’. The comics are an excellent way for children to learn about STEM, sustainability, and the circular economy. The Green Kid comics all feature Summer and her creation Green Kid who was created in the year 2064 and goes back in time to the 2020’s to discover how scientific research to create green solutions and a circular economy could save the world from the ravages of climate change.

We are always looking out for relevant people to come in and speak to our children - making links between school and the world of work. Please look at our 'Curriculum' section on this website to find the topic titles, and if you think you can come in (or you know someone who can come in), please contact the school...we'd love to broaden the children's minds into all the possible jobs that they could aim for!

You might also wish to register on the 'Primary Futures' website...or encourage your colleagues to do so!