School Food Standards - our School Food Service

The lunches provided for children, are made by Taylor Shaw. their menus are approved by state registered dieticians to ensure they are fully compliant with the School Food Stanards which outline the planning and provision of school food served in England.

Taylor Shaw meet the standards by offering at least two different vegetables daily and at least one portion of fresh fruit every day, as well as two puddings per week which contain at least 50% fruit. They offer several different varieties of fruit and vegetables each week so childrn receive a range of vitamnins and minerals. A portion of clacium rich milk and dairy foods are available daily in the form of eitehr yoghurt, cheese or custard.Meat, fish, eggs or beans as well as other non-dairy sources of protein such as Quorn (TM) and soya mince is available daily, and oily fish is on offer once every 3 weeks. Wholegrain varieties of starchy foods such as rice, are available at least once per week. Taylor Shaw offer a variety of starchy carbohydrates weekly, including pasta, noodles, bread, rice and potates. Deep fried foods and pastry products are kept to a minimum and appear on the menu no more than once per week.