COVID Information

For further information please click on the link  Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (

If you are concerned about your child’s symptoms, or they are worsening you can seek advice from NHS 111 at NHS 111 online or by phoning 111.

Bad Weather Information

We always endeavour to keep the school open during bad weather. However, sometimes a decision is made to close the school for health and safety reasons. It is rare that this happens and this decision is not one that is taken lightly, as we appreciate the difficulties it can cause for parents.

However, if we did need to either close early or not open on a specific day, we would inform parents by:

  • making an announcement on Lincs FM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire
  • putting any relevant information on the homepage of our website
  • sending out a text using the Scholarpack Parent app
  • sending out an email

Click here for:

Lincs FM

BCC Radio Lincolnshire


Lockdown Information

In the (very unlikely) event that we needed to 'lockdown' the school whilst it was in session, we would inform parents using the Scholarpack Parents app that a 'lockdown' was in place and that we were doing everything we could to keep the children safe. It may be that we are advised not to tell parents the reason for the lockdown - we would follow guidance from the energency services. 

We would ask that no parent tries to phone the school during a lockdown, as this would block the phone line. Potentially, in the event of a lockdown, a member of staff might be communicating with the emergency services and thus we would not want the phone line to be blocked.

We would also not release any pupils during a lockdown, even if this meant that the children were being kept in school beyond the normal closing time of the school.

As soon as the situation was deemed to be 'safe', then the lockdown would end and school would contact parents so that the safe release of children can start.