English for Children


Looking for ideas for reading- maybe you want to read something alongside your Bug book reading scheme. Well here are some ideas:

  • Why not read a section of the newspaper or the newsround website (FirstNews is an excellent newspaper made espcially for children)
  • Read an interesting article on-line
  • Read a bedtime story to your younger brother or sister
  • Visit the local library and explore the wide range of books they have available
  • Why not download an e-book
  • Go to this website:https://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk/ it is full of recommendations for children of all ages and you can also download extracts of some of the books to get a taster.
  • Use the Oak Academy website: All subjects - Key Stage 2 - Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)


Are you working towards earning a pen? If so use this letter formation guide to help improve your letter formation:

Are you an aspiring author- if so why not enter a competition and show off what you can do. Go to these websites to find information about writing compeitions you can enter


Use Oak Academy to help develop your writing further: All subjects - Key Stage 2 - Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Want to practice and improve your SPaG skills. If so why not have a go on some of the games below:




You could also use Oak Academy for additional Punctuation and Grammar sessions: All subjects - Key Stage 2 - Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)


Spelling words

Want to practice your spelling words before the big spell? Click on the document below to access all of the word lists: 

Spelling Lists